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Joining the SUMus community is joyful and useful!

The Sumusians propose and defend a pragmatic and resolutely optimistic vision of the world of tomorrow around the Living.

This initiative is based on today's reality, on a forward-looking vision, on concrete local actions carried out by the Venetians and supported by the international community.

How to join the SUMus community?

First, by making our mottos your own!

1. Know thyself!

In Latin SUM means “I am”

Personal work to reconnect with oneself is essential in order to find our right place in the world. The one where we will be happy and useful to others.

2. Everything is possible together!

In Latin SUMUS means “We are” .

By coming together, by taking our place as free, committed and responsible citizens, we can co-create the world we dream of. Let us become the place of all convergences. Think "AND" rather than "OR".

3. Be the change!

The world of tomorrow starts in our own lives, in our homes and in our workplaces. Our attitude is the only lever for change that we can control. It influences others more surely than all speeches: let's dare to be positivity, it is contagious!

4. Think global!

Be humble, learn from others.

By promoting interdisciplinarity, by breaking down barriers, by encouraging meetings between scientists, artists, elites, ordinary citizens, we will create the conditions for collaboration and we will promote “the renaissance” that we desire. We all have to learn from each other.

5. Act locally!

By promoting local responses to global problems, we can act without delay and we are planting the seeds of tomorrow's world, which will continue to grow after us.

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