Our projects

Within our “International Think Tank”

Creation of the “forum of possibilities” around a regenerative future

Each year a cycle of prospective conferences will bring together in Venice a panel of visionary international experts as well as Venetians and leaders from all countries.
The objective is to decipher the ongoing mutations and to co-construct the new world together in a form of rediscovered wisdom. This initiative is done in co-creation with our prospective partners as well as our local partners, it is multi-dimensional, scientific, spiritual, cultural...
These conferences are the essential insight into a civic approach of responsibility establishing a local/global dialogue concrete. Each year, a key theme will be chosen and will be the subject of perspective, analysis and foresight.
The 1st forum takes place on November 18-19-20 on the occasion of the inauguration of Mille Donne di Venezia and WOW on the theme “We Care, We Dare, We Share a heartful, peaceful, regenerative future full of life” . This is the opportunity to bring together for the first time the international family of Living , made up of personalities who have distinguished themselves in concrete regeneration initiatives (soil, economy, education, etc.). We wish to develop this family year after year and encourage its encounter with the Venetians around concrete projects.

Open awareness

SUMus invites you to discover Val's sculpture “from Chaos to Wisdom” at the Venice Conservatory of Music which shows the inner path in 7 stages. By answering the questionnaire that accompanies it, this allows each individual to grow, to give meaning to their life and to reconnect with their soul.

SUMus also wishes to initiate a knowledge center around universal wisdom and quantum physics, a kind of MOOC which, through films, videos, books, journals, educational content, etc., will feed the prospective reflections in all fields concerning in particular the Living and the universal laws of the Universe .

This central tool is made available to all those who wish to evolve in consciousness on their own path according to their personal aspirations.

Establishment of a prospective watch

SUMus establishes close relationships with forward-looking international institutions to identify the weak signals that will become the strong currents of the future.
Our watch is mainly focused on subjects around the Living and Regeneration. We have already established relationships with the World Human Forum, IDG, Agir pour le Vivant, WeDemain, Earth University, ChangeNow, etc.
We also work with the prospective artificial intelligence tool Mileva, which allows us to identify obstacles and development opportunities concerning Venice and more generally the major global issues. This tool helps us focus our efforts on essential actions and manage our activity. We want to set up a barometer allowing us to concretely measure the progress of our actions.

Awakening feminine power for a more harmonious world


SUMus creates Sumus WoMen around Mille Donne di Venezia and WOW. SUMus offers an interactive digital artistic work that allows all women around the world to unite to create a better world for new generations. Women carry life, they are worried today about the evolution of our society, it is time to rediscover the values ​​of “Care” , taking care of humanity, taking care of new generations, taking care of the planet , it is time for all women in the world to join hands, unite and take action by daring to “Dare” .

Within our “Venetian Do tanks”

Establishment of regenerative ecosystems, creators of both well-being and economic value

HUMUS project: it involves co-creating an innovative agricultural ecosystem around the island of Sant'Erasmo, historic vegetable garden of Venice and other agricultural places, in order to ensure the security and high quality food autonomy of the the Venetian archipelago , which allows us to regenerate soil, fruits, vegetables and therefore improve the health of the land and the Venetians. The aim is to make these products accessible to all residents, and to optimize the circuit between the different local players (producers, distributors, restaurateurs, etc.) so that everyone can have fair remuneration. The quality of the soil and the nutritional quality of food will be monitored. Cooking methods and gastronomy will also be reinvented in order to keep the Venetian culinary tradition and improve the nutritional quality of dishes by changing cooking methods in order to preserve vitamins and trace elements... We will recreate a broader biodiversity by planting ancient seeds by rediscovering forgotten fruits and vegetables.


Acqua Valley Project: we wish to initiate a new economic ecosystem developed around “water treasures” . Around a European center for marine biomimicry which could be housed within the Arsenal, we could closely associate scientists, students, artists, entrepreneurs and impact investors... All the research and all the discoveries on the Marine flora and fauna could be made available to companies and start-ups in “open source”. Like Silicon Valley in California, this new economic hub of Venice could attract many families to reside in Venice , it would be an experimental center around water, and all lagoon and marine ecosystems, this new pole economic could re-create economic prosperity in Venice and its surroundings which would benefit its inhabitants and more broadly the rest of the world.


An educational ecosystem linked to the knowledge of life and universal laws and widely using the arts as teaching tools, and also teaching craftsmanship, artistic and agricultural skills: the school of the mind and the hand. It is in this context that the circle of small Lights was launched as the first step in the establishment of an educational model allowing everyone to know themselves better and to develop their personal potential and their talents, it is to train the leaders of tomorrow who will be humanist leaders for us.


A craft ecosystem to revitalize local crafts as a conscious response to mass overconsumption , including the transmission of knowledge and using today's technologies.


An experimental health center based on the properties of water, quantum physics and vibrational medicine. It is a question of creating an integrative health center which is based on allopathic medicine, on all the ancestral Chinese and Indian medicines... and which integrates new fundamental research on quantum physics, on neurosciences, on sounds and colors, on plants and in particular psychedelics for therapeutic purposes. Our goal is to cultivate health through an emotional and spiritual physical body in harmony.

To develop the economy of the future

Setting up an impact company incubator

Thanks to a partnership with the INCO group, a leader in supporting impact companies, SUMus will provide project promoters with a support platform to help them formalize their idea, ensure the solidity of their economic model, initiate their transition to action and follow them throughout the development of their business.

Creation of an impact investment fund

An impact investment fund will be created and will help finance the projects selected and monitored by the platform.

This fund will be open to all investors, institutional or natural persons, wishing to contribute to the emergence of a new economy with a positive impact on the environmental and societal level.